Anell Synopsis


One day, after a minor conflict with Deuce, Anell visits his humble apartment with a lucrative proposition, a handsome, weekly sum if he would simply coach her on winning her husband's true heart by becoming a better wife. Motivated by his desire to see his boss happy and the generous monetary gain,  Deuce agrees to help her win her husband's heart and become a better wife by guiding her through her innocent quest.

What Anell quickly discovers is that changing the world around you requires changing yourself. Deuce takes her to school with the suaveness and wisdom of an old Shaolin Kung-Fu Master.

"Fire your housekeeper" is the first order of business he imposes on her. Anell immediately struggles with their arrangement, as she never expected she would have to do menial household tasks, change her eating habits, master the skill of reading food labels, wear department store clothing, read one prescribed book per week,  do home improvement projects and learn to play chess. The journey with Deuce spans over a three year period. The result is a profound, platonic  relationship that turns Anell into something greater than either of them imagined.  

Along their journey together, Anell discovers a side of Deuce that he kept locked away since childhood, a little boy who held bitterness in his heart and anger in his spirit after the abandonment from his mother and death of his father. Anell’s husband, Deuce’s boss, becomes suspicious about her changing behavior and hires a private investigator to monitor her. After the report from the investigator and pulling Anell's phone records, he realizes Deuce has a relationship with his wife, and assumes the worst. The boss confronts Anell in a violent rage and sets out to punish Deuce for what he believes to be a betrayal.