Code Synopsis


Sometime around the year 1370, after decades of research, analysis, and killings, an incredibly powerful alliance was formed of unknown individuals. The details known about this group have always been vague.

Belief and rumor ranged from them being an ethnically diverse group of the wealthiest, most influential members of society to a group of extra-terrestrials beings who control our planet.


The only information that remained consistent through time is:

  • no one knew their identities

  • they controlled the world through politics, religion and war

  • the few who had ever identified any of them never lived to tell

  • there are always twenty four of them

  • they are still among us

There was a book written by the original members of The Family titled The Code Of Honor. It exists for the sole purpose of governing relationships, behavior and lifestyles of sibling agents who work for The Family. There is said to be only one copy of this book in existence at any given time. Immediate retirement (death) is the result of anyone attempting to physically copy or replicate any portion of the code.

Only members of The Family has physically seen The Code of Honor. Agents who work for them memorize the code from senior sibling agents who already have specific portions in memory. Only a few agents that ever lived had the privilege of memorizing the entire book. Today, there are only two. One of them are about to be retired.