Eztah Synopsis


Chicago, present day ...

Over a period of centuries, seven women were mysteriously born with the immortal traits of an ancient bloodline known as the Order of The Guard, the first order of the immortal human race.

More than eight centuries ago, Theodosia, one of the eldest and most powerful immortals, put events  in motion to rebirth the first order using a scion principle of nature called The Rule of Seven. 

Five centuries prior, Julian Ashe, a slayer from the Order of Yaun, made a covenant with Theodosia to locate and protect seven women from powerful enemies who want the first order to remain extinct. By honoring this covenant, Julian has spent the last few hundred years searching Kyu2  (Earth)  for the seven women. By doing so, Julian has defied her family and the most treasured values of the most sacred order among immortals. It was an egregious offense, and has angrily provoked god-like beings who have the power to decide the fate of universes.

After centuries of keeping the covenant, Julian and her team has successfully located and trained all but one daughter, the seventh. The saga begins with the development of the seventh daughter of Theodosia.



This first film titled Eztah, introduces the seventh sister Sanaa, a lonely, twenty-four-year-old, wealthy graphic artist/musician who has been seeking something deeper in her spirit since the loss of her parents at the age of seven.  Since early childhood, Sanaa's art, her dreams, and every part of her nature has expressed something other-worldly.

By the age of nine, a unique team of metaphysical doctors and psychologists, all supported by a mysterious billionaire, have been working closely with Sanaa to research her gifts and keep her hidden from the rest of the world, including the government. The acceptance of her  isolated life reflects her understanding of her uniqueness, keeping her alone most times and having only the friends approved by her research team. What Sanaa does not know is that the research team is a group of immortal humans who's directive is to develop her and six others like her to transition them from their current mortal state, to an immortal state for a higher purpose that directly affects the future of humanity.

The success of the directive appears promising with the development of Sanaa, the last daughter. That is, until a serious threat emerges from the shadows of time. Other members of the immortal race have now discovered the research team and their directive to seek and turn the seven daughters. Having a different belief about the future of the human race, they seek to destroy the seven daughters and their keeper, Julian.


History of Immortals

Though foreshadowed, this history is not visited in this first film, but in later films along with a myriad of characters, immortal concepts, principles and stories that span over many centuries.

In the beginning, four bloodlines of immortal humans were engineered to protect the realm we know as time. Their onus was to maintain a timeless concept called The Triune Balance, the essence which defines all existence. Along with protecting the balance, immortals were the gate keepers protecting the realm of time from timeless entities and principalities which became a threat to mortals after an anomalous event commonly referred to as Original Sin or The Breach.


The four orders dwelled in an obscure place between time and eternity called Emon Dwhaleu in the immortal tongue, which literally translates to "a place in time absent of time". They called it Timelessness. Each order was given divine preeminence over a specific element to operate within. A Council of men and women called The Eternal Council, were chosen from each of the four orders to be a governing body over the immortal race.

Long after, some immortals began to disagree with the way the council ruled. The greatest division among them was regarding the Council's desire to manipulate the balance of energy for their own self-serving purposes, which could damage the Triune Balance, and ultimately the universe.

The result was an uprising against the Eternal Council and war between The Immortals. Around 5 B.C., the remainder of these defiant immortals were exiled to Kyu9 (the tenth planet)  and chose to live on Kyu2 (Earth). Their offspring was called Sumerians, later to be called Nephilim. By 2 A.D., there were over two thousand Nephilim successfully blending in with the world’s mortal population. They had developed their own set of laws that governed their clandestine society.

The Nephilim Council operated much like The Eternal Council but with a more relaxed approached to governance. They intentionally populated every continent to help expand the mind of mortal humans through technology and philosophy. Immortals were free to explore the mortal world and all it had to offer.

They soon discovered a devastating problem.  They realized after consistently dwelling on Kyu2, their timeless attributes began to slowly dissipate, eventually causing age and ultimately death. The only known remedy to maintaining their timeless attributes within the realm of time was a high dietary consumption of complex carbohydrates and blood on a regular basis.


Vlad Tepes, The Dark Unveiling

Human blood was by far the highest in quality and most fulfilling nourishment to prevent the problem of aging. The Sumerian Council made it forbidden to drink human blood to avoid killing mass amounts of people and risking exposure to the mortal world. This worked well for centuries. But once again, things took a dark turn.


In the mid-15th century, an immortal of the third order (order of war) by the name of Vlad Tepes recklessly exposed himself by hunting humans for feeding. Many gruesome stories would be told of him after this account; some based on facts, some myths, but all based around the truth of him killing countless humans to serve his own apetite. As a result of his gruesome behavior, the idea of vampirism was birthed into mortal society.

Vlad was viewed as pure evil. Not aware of the immortal race, many mortals thought he was driven by Satanic forces. Around the year 1476, four brothers baring the last name Aries, their sons, cousins, members of a militia, and two alchemists highly proficient in the usage of asian black powder, formed a secret band of eighty-six highly skilled warriors to hunt and kill Vlad. Supported and financed by the religious community, this militia, known as The Ariesian Militia, covertly followed Vlad’s movement for months, waiting for their opportunity to strike. Vlad's physical strength and skill, his elite bodyguards and an army at his disposal, made it very difficult for the malitia to get close enough to kill him.

One winter night, the leader of the Aries militia was visited by a mysterious woman claiming to be a distant relative of Vlad Tepes. She was Countess Sophia Dracul of the House of Drăculești, a well respected and power family originally from Sumer professed to be an ally and protector of humanity. Reluctant to trust, but desperate to win, The Aries Militia accepted the House of Drăculești 's proposition to help.

The militia was given critical information about how to study and kill Vlad Tepes because of this discrete union. The opportunity to get close to Vlad soon presented itself after Vlad was weakened during a Turkish battle. In a vulnerable moment, the Ariesian Militia descended upon he and a small part of his army and a few personal guards. The battle was fruitful but brutal and very costly, leaving only three members of the militia alive.

Contrary to historical record and belief, Vlad was defeated by the Ariesian Militia in Transylvania with the help of The House of Drăculești . It was discovered soon after by the last living members of the Ariesian Militia, that Sophia Dracul was not only an immortal like Vlad, but there was an entire race of them totaling over three-thousand across the world.

Two of the remaining militia members rejected the house of Drăculești declaring them a threat. They began rebuilding the militia with the knowledge Sophia had given them and the support of powerful religious allies across the world. They were given the name vampire slayers. Thus began the esoteric war between mortal and immortal humans.