Mafia Synopsis

Mafia Banner 1.png

A group of elite, retired criminals are lured into a lucrative opportunity by a mysterious and powerful individual known only as The Employer. Upon arrival, the first things noticed by James Chase and Simone Winter are that the luxurious hotel, which resides in a remote Nevada dessert, is designed to keep people inside, and the entire building is crawling with video surveillance.

Shortly after arrival, the guests are greeted by an elegant man named Fran, a charming host. It quickly becomes evident they are trapped against their will and are forced to play a deadly game for five days or suffer dreadful consequences. The winning team goes home with seven figures added to their offshore accounts. The losing team does not leave the building alive.

The game rules are simple: Eliminate the other team before they eliminate you, by any means necessary. However, this is not a physical contest of strength and speed, but a mental one of wit, persuasion and deception. As players are picked off from round to round, fear mounts, tension festers, loyalties questioned, and trust betrayed. There is only one absolute fact: Death is inevitable for one of the two teams. Despite the fact that the only way to win is stick together, conflict and distrust are constant until the very end.