Quinns Synopsis

Marcus Quinn, the arrogant, wealthy father of three children (Michael, a Miami Surgeon; Renee, an L.A. Vice Officer; Brian a N.Y. Homicide Officer) murders a mid-level crime boss to free his estranged wife (Danni Quinn) from a life that’s had her trapped for years. This well-planned event, among other things, lures all of his children into a dark war with an organized crime ring.

Successful at their short-term goals, the plot gets thicker when The Quinns discover the only way to stay invisible to the ruthless people they have trespassed against is kill certain individuals within the organization one by one and in a specific sequence to keep them confused and frustrated about who is picking them off. This quirky, humorous drama gets "real" after they kill a key figure in the organization, who also happens to be a deep cover DEA Agent. A knock on the front door by two agents make it clear to them they have gone too deep to get out, and are forced into a dark lifestyle they could have never fathomed in their worst nightmare.