Rule 19, Article 7, Section 3

"Except in a matter of inequitable odds, an agent shall never retire a sibling agent  with a weapon that is not traceable to the using agent."

Dorian Piker is the first character introduced in a series of short screenplays about elite agents who have dedicated their lives to a group of covert, but very powerful people known only as The 24, aka The Family. Dorian, like all Sibling Agents of The Family, is sworn to live her life by a single manuscript called The Code of Honor.

The only thing more beautiful than finding a true friend
is finding yourself in the process.

For Anell's entire life, men treated her like an object despite her intellectual prowess and accomplishments including but not limited to a business degree from Yale. After years of a dead, materialistic marriage, wealth can no longer substitute her desire for something more meaningful with the man she married. Anell seeks advice from an unlikely source: a hard-core enforcer who works closely with a crime boss. The crime boss is her husband

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In many mythologies, there exists a mysterious being called a doppelganger (German for double walker). It is believed that everyone has one; an exact replica of themselves living in the same lifetime.

The nature of ones doppelganger is the opposite of them. A person who is good-natured will have an evil doppelganger and visa-versa. Although most do not believe or are not aware of this phenomenon, there are many documented accounts of people seeing their doppelganger and the doppelgangers of others.

The Covenant of Gods is what legends called it, a quiet story told in epic fashion that will change the course of human existence forever. To Eztah, it was simply a promise to protect and mentor seven daughters, a promise that would cost her everything.

The Southern Kings have united and are now moving across the world conquering one kingdom at a time. King Nassori of Zeredith, his generals and advisors have no answer for the ominous force that moves across the world in brutal conquest with weapons and combat systems of the likes which they have never seen. One woman, Layla Bodan, a stranger from another land, emerges with an answer for the pending doom: A combat system designed based on the game of chess.

Quinnology: The study or understanding of highly successful thought processes, habits and/or attitudes (in conversation, situations or altercations) not typical of an average person, and is usually encumbered with sarcasm, selfishness and the ultimate desire to control.