Tyranny Synopsis

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The first tale of this epic saga is about Layla, an extremely disciplined and devoted woman who enters the kingdom of Zeredith with a vision for King Nassori: To recruit and train new soldiers from the neighboring kingdoms to fight as one army. Over the next few years these special soldiers will learn a new combat and military system designed by Layla's deceased father, a legendary general of the Konan Army.

The combat  system is comprised of four very methodical forms: Pawn, Knight, Bishop and Rook . Each combat form stands alone as a powerful fighting system, while together they create an elaborate and dynamic military system of ranks and files based on the principles and strategies of chess.

The system is designed to produce elite soldiers out of moderately talented individuals within a fraction of what is considered the standard amount of time.  This is done with an intense focus on a principle called tempo and coordinated attack and defense patterns mixed with diversionary and discovery tactics.

King Nassori is impressed by the idea but has one serious problem with embracing Layla's vision. The elite army built for this system must be made of women due to the severe shortage of men in the Northern Kingdoms. Nassori’s advisors, along with the rest of the northern kings, are strongly against sending women to war as their primary army.

Nassori, being a former student of Layla's father, suspects the system will work, but has no way of officially employing the idea without disrespecting his generals, advisors and all others who strongly disagree with the idea. King Nassori discreetly gives Layla 100 young, female volunteers, (teenage girls and young women), a large, dilapidated training barracks outside of Zeredith called the North Gate, and an aggressive deadline to prove her theory of this system that claims to produce elite female soldiers who are equal to male soldiers.

Occupying the North Gate, Layla begins an experimental project teaching the 100 women the new fighting and ranking system. As the entire Northern Kingdom watches (mostly in ridicule), these women must prove their worth as soldiers carrying the burden of the only hope for the survival of the Northern Kingdoms.