Verse Synopsis

Chicago, 2531.

There are very few meaningful geographical borders left on the planet. Human existence has two dimensions: physical and digital. The digital dimension, commonly known as Digital Reality or Dreality, is a place where any person who owns an easy to purchase device called a neuro-converter, may visit. Neuro-converters translate digital data into neurological data, creating real experiences and memories from fabricated ones.

The dynamic layers of existence in Dreality is vastly untapped, ranging from lucrative careers, education , entrepreneurship and politics. It is a world so alluring that less than two decades prior, more than 64% of the world's population had become addicted to the phenomenon called Dreality. Through effective legislation, education, and enforcement society has progressed in it's ability to control addiction, but it is still a major problem.

The digital dimension has become infested with crime and difficult to control due to vastly available and rapidly changing technology. Pirates have found ways to hack real-time systems from within Dreality. Many DR service providers illegally hire pleasure dealers to keep users addicted to Dreality by creating ways for them to avoid using beyond their legal quotas. Crime and addiction are the biggest problems as they feed each other like a giant, man eating monster with a 24-hour appetite for human thought.

The physical world has one final authority called The International Enforcement Agency (IEA). Digital Law Enforcement has been delegated to private law enforcement companies which operate 24 hours a day with specially trained agents. Among these many DR agents are a remnant  called hunters. They are elite, hybrid law enforcement personnel intensely trained far beyond the mental and physical capacities of other agents. Their knowledge, experience and skill makes them a high-valued target and threat to sophisticated criminals.

During a critical era in the recent past, the IEA began losing control of Dreality due to enforcement agents being killed at such a rapid pace. Suddenly the tide turned. Two decades prior, China had begun producing the best agents the world had ever seen by simply starting their intense training at the age of eight. By the end of high school these agents new how to execute raids, use most firearms and explosive ordinance, break into or out of most secure systems and facilities, and engage in elite combat on all levels (distance striking, close range combat and grappling).  The method was so effective, most of the world adopted the philosophy and began training pioneers. Currently, crime fighting inside and outside the digital realm has never been this effective.


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Now, a new and very serious threat is on the horizon. It is currently estimated that 4% of pioneer agents go rogue and become very skilled criminals within six years of active duty. That number is expected to at least quadruple within the next decade as more and more agents are being lured to perform illegal but very lucrative tasks. Recently, trainees as young as fourteen have been hired by elusive shadow entities to do illegal jobs inside Dreality. The average number of students corrupted before entering active duty is unknown, but siazble enough to be a very serious concern.

This is by far the greatest threat in the human struggle for law and order in the digital dimension as it directly effects the real-time world.


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The first story in the Verse series is of Senta Vaneer, a highly trained and extremely gifted high school senior who is raising her little brother Cortez all alone. Senta was lured into taking illegal hack jobs over three years ago with the on-line handle Managerie Chase. Her employer is a mysterious, shadowy  criminal whose handle is Sparks. One last job promises her enough money to leave the hacking business and pay for her brother’s private schooling and rent for the next five years.

The twist is that the system she must hack belongs to the International Enforcement Agency, the same entity who has offered her a full scholarship to the best law enforcement university in the world. As conflicting as this is, hacking the IEA is not the greatest problem for Senta.

The IEA has failed to identify and prevent breach after breach of this new and brilliant, digital thief called Menagerie Chase. After exhausting all viable internal options, they contract Troi Rucker (36), a retired DR agent who once lead the most aggressive DR Raid Squad in the country and afterwards earned the reputation of one of the best security software designers in the world. Her objective: To eliminate the resident intruder at any cost. Troi is currently Senta’s instructor and close mentor in her final year of high school. Senta has no idea that Troi has been contracted to track her and Troi is oblivious to the fact that the IEA's most notorious target is her most promising student.

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Realizing the intruder is much more than a hacker, Troi puts together a tactical team as she offers her top students (Senta and her classmates) the opportunity to work the live Dreality case of capturing the infamous Menagerie Chase. Senta is offered the position of Team Leader. She accepts, attempting to control the outcome and avoid captured.

As things escalate dangerously, Senta realizes the job Sparks hired her to do compromises more than data. It puts active, undercover agents at grave risk of exposure. Now knowing she has been deceived, Senta wants to abort the mission but is told if the mission is not completed as agreed, there will be fatal consequences not only for her, but her entire team, and little brother. Senta is pressed to her mental, physical and technical limits as she fights for, yet against her team inside the surreal world of Dreality, trying to save their lives.